Company Profile

  Vats Liquor Chain Store Management Joint Stock Co., Ltd. ("Vats Liquor Store" or "the Company" for short) was founded on May 26, 2005 with the purpose of "Innovating in marketing, operating and managing model of liquors, focusing on authentic liquor store management and developing China's No. 1 trusted authentic liquor store brand.

  Vats Liquor Store adheres to its vision of "providing authentic liquor to consumers". The Company is committed to providing professional product selection, safe authentic liquor system management and best service. Since the first store opened on Sept. 16, 2005 more than eight years since the time, Vats Liquor Store has expanded several hundreds of stores, forming an authentic liquor store network covering the whole China.

  The main business of Vats Liquor Store is representing and distributing China and world famous liquors including China's Moutai, Moutai Age Liquor, Wuliangye, Wuliangye Age Liquor, Guyuelongshan, Guyuelongshan Age Wine, Special Supply Liquors (specially produced by Wuliangye Group for Vats Liquor Store), Fujiu · Chinese Red and liquors known as "Moutai made outside of Guizhou" such as Zhenjiu series, "Xiangjiao" series, "Shangri-La Plateau" series Dry Red Wines, etc. As for foreign liquors, Vats Liquor Store is an agency of famous French wines such as Chateau Petrus, Lafite, Latour and Scotland Malt Whiskey Laphroaig, which won exclusive badge of Prince Charles in 1995, the first Whiskey to win such an honor.

  In addition to liquors, Vats Liquor Store also represents YuShouTang series of cordyceps, Holothurian from Liaoning Province, agaric, floral mushroom, poppy seed oil and other high and intermediate grade subsidiary foodstuff. The Company will elaborately introduce more fine liquors and subsidiary foodstuff at home and from abroad for consum-ers.