Business Concept

Vats Liquor Store, by taking the following measures, ensures that "only authentic liquors are sold":

  Vats Liquor Store adopts a strict procedure in choosing cooperative partners. It has a professional developing team searching potential cooperators who would undergo demanding review before becoming partners of Vats Liquor Store. With considerable social influence, these partners are extremely concerned about their reputation and credible in operation concept.

  By taking advantages of source purchasing, unified distribution, advanced information system and professional management, the Company realizes that each supplying link of Vats Liquor Store is monitored all the way to ensure that high-quality products are bought from any Vats Liquor Store in China, which is the core competitiveness of this brand.

  Vats Liquor Store cooperates with a number of famous brands at home and abroad to supply well-chosen liquors from any corner of the world. The Company is granted of long-term dealership for noted China liquor Wuliangye Age Liquor and Guyuelongshan Age Wine. Besides, the Company is the general agency of top Whisky Laphroaig specially supplied for British Royal in China, and directly imports well-known wines such as Petrus, Lafite and Latour from places of origin.

  The Company has a professional team of consultants who are able to provide the consumers with all-round, one-stop liquor demanding solution, and provide professional suggestions based on occasion of drinking, drinking habit and consumption level of the consumer.

  Vats Liquor Store wishes that, by spreading wine culture, knowledge and tasting, consumers can get scientific drinking habit and healthy life concept. The Company holds wine tasting and promotion meeting every month in its stores around the country, from which the consumers will have a better idea of features of each wine, tasting processes, history and culture flavor behind wines when enjoying excellent wines from various parts of the world. Meanwhile, the Company will irregularly invite consumers to visit wineries where they can know better the brewing process of each kind of wine.

  Vats Liquor Store offers custom made service based on demand of consumer. Whether it is for feast, gift or collection, it is always a choice of dignity. Vats Liquor Store's nation-wide sales network enables consumers all over the country to buy well-content products and receive consistent good service.

  Vats Liquor Store is designed by noted French designer Francios by perfectly integrating traditional and modern styles. It bears an elegancy of Chinese style and a briefness of international style. It's comfortable and orderly inside, with reception area, tasting area and constant-temperature chambers for red wines. It is a comfortable and pleasurable place where consumers can enjoy the fun of wine.