Corporate Culture

Providing authentic liquors to consumers

To become China's No. 1 trusted authentic liquor store brand

Choosing authentic liquors at home and from abroad
Contributing to world wine culture transmission
Creating new marketing models for China wine industry

Firm belief——"Company value"
Strong will——"Competitive view"
Step by step——"Working procedure"
Little strokes fell great oaks——"Working philosophy"

Always striving for the first and providing the best service
Grab key target and quick in movement
Honest and happy in work
360° Learning. Put more emphasis on doings than knowing and get work done
Never be unduly elated by victory or depressed by defeat and never give up pursuit of excellence

Integrity is the life of our company and the highest working standard for employees
Everyday is a new beginning——move fast
Foster spirit of "six loves": love the Company, love partners, love products, love marketing, love market, love brand
I make the Company better