President Oration

  Vats Liquor Chain Store Management Joint Stock Co., Ltd. ("Vats Liquor Store" or "the Company" for short) was founded on May 26, 2005 with the purpose of "Innovating in marketing, operating and managing model of liquors, focusing on authentic liquor store management and developing China's No. 1 trusted authentic liquor store brand. Vats Liquor Store adheres to its vision of "providing authentic liquor to consumers". The Company is committed to providing professional product selection, safe authentic liquor system management and best service.

  Since the first Vats Liquor Chain Store started business in Liling, Hunan on September 16, 2005, over years of vigorous development, Vats Liquor Chain Store has established hundreds of chain stores in China, covering 28 provinces, cities, autonomous regions.Vats Liquor Store has expanded several hundreds of stores, forming an authentic liquor store network covering the whole China. Today, successfully listed in "China top 500 most valuable brands", Vats Liquor Chain Store benefits from the persistence in implementing the core concept of "authentic products, top quality products, service, environment", taking "authentic products" chain sales as main business, and carefully to construct the enterprise brand.

  Vats Liquor Chain Store will be committed to providing the consumers with richer authentic liquor, with more thoughtful and careful service, more professional liquor consulting service team, more convenient stores, all-round, one-stop liquor requirement comprehensive solution, make the consumers conveniently purchase authentic liquor, taste different good wine from all over the world, and understand the characteristics, wine etiquette and historical story and cultural connotation. We are grateful of all cooperative partners, liquor companies, enterprise staff and friends, the success of Vats Liquor Chain Store is closed to your great support and selfless help. In the future, Vats Liquor Chain Store will make efforts to create a better tomorrow of harmonious authentic liquor chain sales with you.