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·Wuliangye Co., Ltd.

  Wuliangye is an outstanding representative of high-end Luzhou-flavor liquor in China. It is made from five kinds of grain like sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn as raw materials by fermentation in old cellar for long times with "wrapped starter" as drive, and then blended carefully. So it is world-famous for its distinctive styles such as "lingering aroma, mellow flavor, lusciousness in mouth, complete refreshment in throat, and humorous and pleasant flavors to the point with full-bodied vinosity". The six advantages (unique natural environment, 638-year-old cellar since Ming Dynasty, a formula consisting of five grains, brewing technique, harmonious quality and "spirit city covering ten miles") make it a treasure in the spirit products nowadays.

  Since Wuliangye was first awarded "Gold Medal of the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition", it has totally won 36 times in succession all kinds of Gold Medal in the Exposition in the world. And it was named as "Chinese Spirit King" in 50th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute. Now, the brand value of Wuliangye has reached RMB 47.2 billion Yuan, which is ranked as the fourth most valuable brand value in China. Wuliangye has ranked the first brand value of Chinese food for 15 years.