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·Zhenjiu (Treasure Liquor)

  Guizhou Zhenjiu Brewery Co., Ltd. grows out of "Pilot Plant in different place of Guizhou Moutai Liquor Factory" which was set up in 1975. The company was accredited by 28 leading magnates in liquor circle in China, leaders from the assessment group of National Liquor Tasting Committeeman and experts in 1985, and in December in the same year, Mr. Fangyi, former vice premier, gladly wrote the inscription "May the accreditation of production test in different place of Guizhou Moutai Liquor Factory succeed ─ the treasure of liquor", from which "Zhenjiu" is derived.

  Zhenjiu completely inherited the traditional brewing technology of liquor with sauce flavor. The liquor is made by materials being fed twice, braised nine times, fermented eight times and wine-taken seven times annually, then stored for many years. After being blended with care by state-level master brewers, the liquor features colorlessness and transparence (with light yellow), outstanding sauce flavor, full body, lingering mellowness from the empty cup, so it is hailed as "wonderful liquor".

·Made by Guizhou Zhenjiu Brewery Co., Ltd.

Net content:500ml / Alcohol degree:53°
Materials: Water, Sorghum, wheat