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·Fujiu·Chinese Red

  Fujiu·Chinese Red is made of refined grains with hot yeast over 60 ℃ as saccharifying agent. The liquor is only taken from that in the middle section of the cellar to guarantee the aroma mellower and purer. The perfect combination of soft and sweet taste, color and clear aftertaste of traditional strong aromatic liquor with the elegance, mellowness of yeast with sauce flavor, as well as the storage in hemp cellar for 5 years, make Fujiu·Chinese Red a delicacy full of the signs of great masters and worthy of the reputation of Fujiu for Classical Chinese business banquets.

  Fujiu·Chinese Red, designed by three national Liquor Tasting Committeemen and a state-level liquor brewer, compels admiration from authorities in Chinese liquor-making circle. The unique and elegant red bottle with a shape of crystal calabash (which is homophonic to "happiness and salaries" in Chinese), together with red that means dignity and celebration, makes the implied meanings of praying for happiness and auspiciousness appear vividly. Each bottle is made by hand and fired with traditional methods, which makes it even more valuable.

·Made by Sichuan JinliuFujiu Co., Ltd.

Net content:400ml / Alcohol degree:45°、50°
Materials: Water, sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn