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  In August 2003, VATS LIQUOR STORE Group successful acquired the former Shaoyang Winery, and restricted as "Hunan Xiangjiao Wine Industry Co., Ltd.".

  In order to promote the development of Xiangjiao liquor, VATS LIQUOR STORE Group has decided to launch "strategy of aged liquor" and "differentiation strategy". In October 2004, the Group invest RMB 500 million Yuan to establish a new green liquor-making base in Jiangbei Industrial Park, it integrates modern garden, eco-tourism, environmental protection and industrial tourism into the base with annual capacity of 20,000 tons of liquor high quality and 50,000 tons of packaging. The entire base tries its best to create the first green Chinese liquor city by adopting green, environmentally-friendly system to recycle the filtrated process water.

  In the future, Xiangjiao Liquor Company will be an industrial park with output value over RMB 10 billion Yuan which covers an area of more than 2,500 acres, and will be a new green liquor city featuring ecology, environmental protection, cultural heritage and ecological industry.