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·Shangri-La Plateau Dry Red Wines

  The world's highest growth paradise makes Shangri-La Plateau Dry Red Wines succeed.

  The Diqing Plateau like lotus land is located in the valley of Three Parallel Rivers, the World Natural Heritage with average elevation of 2,800 meters in Shangri-La. The growth paradise, where famous Carbernet Sauvignon grape grows, consists of humid air, deep-sandstone brown soil rich in organic matter and stone, sunshine, melt water as well as pure and pollution-free environment.

  Shangri-La "Plateau Series" Wine is always adhered to be brewed only with the 60% top-class Carbernet Sauvignon grape even if the yield of the grape per mu is simply 360 kg, thus each drop of the wine concentrates the wisdom of world-class winemakers. The wine featuring bright violet color, rich fruit aroma, the smelling of elegant and harmonious of oak and the breath of Snow Mountain is pure, smooth, plump and mellow. Otherwise, the end charm will last a long period of time. As a result, the wine makes China have their top wine from now on.

·Made by Yunnan Shangri-La Winery Co., Ltd.

Net content:850ml / Alcohol degree:13°