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LAPHROAIG Laphroaig Malt Whisky

  Laphroaig, the top-class brand of traditional Scotch Malt Whisky, is a pure and high-quality Scotch Malt Whisky. The brand, noted as Britain Royal Wine, is appreciated by nobles who know whisky. In 1995, the winery acquired exclusive badge of the Prince Charles, the whisky is the first one winning the tremendous honor, so it is hailed as “Reaper in Whisky Awards”.

  The mouthful of Laphroaig Malt Whisky is so distinctive that it is admired in the rank and fashion and has lots of true consumers like Britain’s king-in-waiting. Laphroaig is said to be appraised by a Whisky expert “enjoy it or hate it”.

  • Laphroaig 10

      It is an excellent pure Scotch Malt Whisky that is known as Britain Royal Wine. It strong flavor displays that it should be stored by an experienced connoisseur. It is usually described as peat flavor, smoky taste and sweetness. Some tasters even say that it has flavor of drug. Its spicy degree and the peat flavor that Laphroaig 10 gives out will bring people a courage of “heroes from youngsters”.

  • Laphroaig 18

      Laphroaig 18 is riper and richer than Laphroaig 10. It can win many prizes every year, which other whisky can’t achieve. Just as the scenery on the top of the mountains in Scotland make you consider the hardships and dangers during the climbing them are worth experiencing, so Laphroaig 18 is worth tasting fit can bring you enjoyment of the happiest life. 

  • Laphroaig 25

      Being stored for 25 years, Laphroaig 25 sleeps soundly in brand-new Oloroso Sherry oak barrels, so the rare malt whisky will bring us endless surprise. The sweetness of Sherry and classic peat flavor of Island of Islay are integrated well in the wine. While tasting, the famous peat flavor will burst at the tip of the tongue, the slight sweetness of Sherry gradually turns into that of apples. Laphroaig 25 justifies itself a classic of years, therefore the whisky is rare, and you should taste it!

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