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Chateau Petrus

  Chateau Petrus is located in Pomerol on the right bank of Bordeaux ─ the most precious producing areas with a total area of not more than 740 hectares, of which the plant area of Chateau Petrus is only 12 hectares. The Chateau Petrus is the one with the minimum planting density in the whole Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe for only more than 5,000 strains of vines are planted there per hectare.
  Management of vines by Chateau Petrus is extremely effective, only several best bunches of grapes are kept in each vine to ensure that the grapes are of best quality. In the years when the climate is not good, Chateau Petrus will select grapes more carefully, even it may stop brewing. During the brewing, Chateau Petrus is also different from others: while aging, the band-new oak barrels will be used to replace the former barrels every three months so that the wine can fully absorb different oak aroma. Up to now, the process at all costs is beyond compare.
  It is the innate natural conditions and extremely single-minded pursuit of quality that make the wine production in Chateau Petrus is very rare. Just for this reason, the wine the most expensive one in Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe wine. In the heart of customers, Petrus is the King of wine.

  • Chateau Petrus Dry Red Wines

      Chateau Petrus Dry Red Wines with extremely brilliant color, together with truffles, chocolate, milk, potpourri, blackberry and strong tannins, have exquisite and lingering traits. Chateau Petrus Dry Red Wines feature full-bodied vinosity, strong fruitiness, explosiveness, rich roasted oak and continuous aftertaste of fruit.

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