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Chateau Margaux

  Located in Médoc Area of the wine-producing Bordeaux in France, Chateau Margaux covers 265 hectares. It has a 78-hectare of red grape vineyard and a 12-hectare white grape vineyard. The average age of its vines is 35 years.  
  Chateau Margaux is a Premier Grand Crus. In 1855 Classification, 22 of the 61 grand cruses were located in Margaux village. Chateau Margaux is the most brilliant pearl in the village. In recent years, Chateau Margaux is rated as the best premier grand cru on the left bank of Bordeaux by wine critics.
  Wines are fermented in traditional methods here, and the whole process is carried out manually. The fermentation takes place in traditional oak barrels. A big feature of Margaux wines is that they have beautiful colors, elegant and long-lasting smell and fleshy and fine on the palate.

  • Chateau Margaux Dry Red Wines

      The wines from Chateau Margaux are dark ruby red and polish like stars. They have open and supple flavor, with ripe fruits. They are dense and delicate on the palate, with supple and smooth

  • Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux Dry Red Wines

      Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux Dry Red Wines are not only the second label of Chateau Margaux, also the earliest from a famous chateau in Bordeaux. It can date back to over one hundred years ago. It is fine and smooth on the palate, full of plum, berries and earth smell, and medium-bodied. It has delicate tannin, with fruit fragrance and smoky aftertaste.

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