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  Vats Liquor Store can offer special customized services for VIP customers. What can be customized is the figure and characters that can be represented on the bottle body and external packing. The special brands and individual stamp can be made on the products to manifest your nobleness.
  To meet individual demands of customers, our store has already offered customized services for various excellent wines, such as Wuliangye Age Liquor, Fujiu, Shangri-La Plateau Dry Red Wines, and Vats Special Supply Liquor.


Manifest individuality   The most important feature of customized wines is to manifest special individuality, indicating special positions. We can help you record such wonderful experience on your important anniversary dates, no matter you are an individual or an entrepreneur. You can customize brief characters or figures or totems, and we can stamp them on the products as required. Guarantee quality   Customization process is not as simple as ordinary painting. It should be printed with special processes, and then processed under the high temperature. Coating surface is bright and will not fade as time goes on. It can help customers to avoid forged and fake wines on the markets, so that drinkers can enjoy the wine safely. Indicate strength   Customized wines with the clear marks of your enterprise can indicate the strength of your enterprise and propagandize your enterprise. In addition, if your purchase quantity reaches a certain amount, you can buy them at group purchase prices, and enjoy the value-added customization services for free. You do not need to pay additionally, but you can avoid adulterated wines, so you can drink them safely. When you share the customized wines on which your delicate enterprise logo has been stamped with your business partners, or send such wines to your own customers as gifts, your enterprise will be remembered easily by them. Customized service   We have different customization standards and design standards for different wines. The design of each wine is elegant and graceful, delicate, beautiful. We will show you our design pictures for free, which can visualize the results of the products, and then we will customize your wines, therefore removing your worries.

an order Confirm the customization details with customer service representatives of Vats Liquor Store, fill in the order form and provide customization requirements
Provide customization effect drawings as required by customers
Customer confirms and make remittance
Print and customize the wine
Send products to the places specified by customers