Cooperative mode

  The operation model of Vats Liquor Store is "cooperative operation of quasi regular chain". Under this model, Vats Liquor Store jointly opens stores with people (cooperative partners) who are rich in consumer resource and business sense and are successful in business. The cooperative partners buy or lease the store for their own use (or Vats Liquor Store buy the store) and fit them according to unified standard. They must operate under the guidance of Vats Liquor Store and bear operation costs and relevant legal liabilities; operate in line with unified regulations set by Vats Liquor Store. Management personnel of the stores must be trained before being employed and must be supervised on a day-to-day basis. The most distinguished feature of this model is that the relationship between Vats Liquor Store and cooperative partners is on a cooperative basis, but not chain basis. In terms of management and operation, Vats Liquor Store's model quasi regular chain is essentially different from model of chain enterprises in the way that franchises usually operate independently, resulting in restricted control of the Company over franchisee; while under the model of quasi regular chain, for all Vats Liquor Stores, employment and instruction heads of stores and members of stores, display, marketing and management are all based on unified management. Cooperative stores usually take the following two forms:

1、Vats Liquor Store (focus on liquor)

2、Vats Liquor Store Cellar (focus on red wine)