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Vats Liquor Store Profitable Customer Conference 2010 was held in Guangzhou


  January 4-5, 2011, Vats Liquor Chain Store Management Joint Stock Co., Ltd. held Vats Liquor Store Profitable Customer Conference 2010 at Guangzhou Chime Long Hotel. More than 600 cooperative partners of Vats Liquor Store attended this conference. Wu Xiangdong, chairman of the board gave a speech under the title of “Vats Liquor Store need to enhance 9 operations”. General Manager Tan Zhiqiang also made the annual work report on 2010 at the conference, and set forth in detail the major work in 2010 and work plans of 2011.
   It is known that 59 profitable cooperative partners of Vats Liquor Store were rewarded at the conference. Sun Chengfa, cooperation partner at Xizhimen, Beijing, was the sales champion of Vats Liquor Store in 2010. In addition, the shop in Hengyang ,Hunan Province, Yuecheng Shop in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, and Changsha flagship shop got the first-class and second-class reward. Changyuan Shop in Henan Province got the Best Progress Award.

  General Manger of Vats Liquor Store Tan Zhiqiang said, Vats Liquor Store kept growing rapidly in 2010, and overfulfilled the established sale goals.
  Vats Liquor Store made rapid progress in 2010 under the joint efforts of Vats Liquor Store staff and customers, so that the overall scale of Vats Liquor Store entered a new stage. At the same time, various management measures were made, the structure of the whole company was improved, and overall managements were gradually enhanced.

  Chairman of Vats Liquor Store Wu Xiangdong said, the management principle of 2011 is “authentic products, top quality products, service, environment”, and the enterprise vision is “customers can buy and drink real good wines”, so that more efforts will be devoted to make Vats Liquor Store the most reliable brand of Chinese high quality wines chain store.

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