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Wine industry in Bordeaux of France values their good relationship with Vats Liquor Store

  November of 2010 is an era when Vats Liquor Store and the wine industry of Bordeaux interacted frequently. During this month, Vats Liquor Store was visited by many famous wine traders and owners of chateaus in Bordeaux, including owner of Chateau Reynon, Denis Dubourdieu and his son as well as owner of Chateau Cantenac Brown in Margaux area, Mr. Ross Safin, member of UGCB.

  Mr. Dubourdieu and his son together with General Manager Tan Zhiqiang

  The visit of Mr. Denis Dubourdieu, owner of Chateau Reynon (president of Bordeaux Wine School, “White wine pope” and senior winemaker) has a significant impact on the development of Vats Liquor Store in the wine industry. He firstly visited “Vats Liquor Store Cellar” flagship shop at Kuntai Building, and thought highly of the professional wine exhibition of Vats Liquor Store and prices of wines. He thought that prices of the imported wines we sold were reasonable and professional. He felt honored that the dry red wines and dry white wines as well as Chateau CLos Floridene dry red wines from Chateau Reynon could be sold at Vats Liquor Store, and promised that he would further talk about cooperation plans and strategies in 2011 with our company. Later his son trained Vats Liquor Store Staff about wine tasting. Although the training period was shot, it still aroused the strong interest of salespersons in red wines. In the future, Vats Liquor Store will arrange more training programs on wines, and the junior owner, Fabrys Dubourdieu promised that he would offer assistance as much as possible. After a happy talk with General Manager Tan Zhiqiang, Mr. Dubourdieu expressed his confidence in cooperating with Vats Liquor Store.

  As a member of Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (UGCB), owner of Chateau Cantenac Brown in Margaux area, Mr. Ross Safin, said that Vats Liquor Store had already drawn much attention from personnel of imported wine industry and promoted the exploration of wines from famous chateaus in Bordeaux during his first visit.

  The interaction and communication between Vats Liquor Store and wine traders in Bordeaux of France and owners of those chateaus are successful and effective. Through interaction, we know more about the development of French wines. It enhances the reputation as well as specialty of Vats Liquor Store in the wines field, and paves a way for the strategic development of Vats Liquor Store.

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