Frequently asked questions and answers

Q:How to submit resumes to Vats Liquor Store?
A: You can deliver your resume in either of the following methods:
(1) Social recruitment: mainly internet recruitment, so you can deliver your resume on-line; (2) Campus recruitment: deliver resumes on line, or at campus talks, or at the recruitment fairs.

Q: What are the standards for passing the written examination at campus recruitment? What is the approximate passing rate? If the result of my written examination is not very good, can I have a chance for the interview?
A: Written examination just reflects part of one's knowledge and skills, and it is considered to be a reference. We do not set a passing rate, but there will be benchmark grades. Both the results of written examination and resumes will be considered. Anyhow, we attach importance to the integral quality of a talent.

Q: If I am not suitable for the job post I have applied for during the recruitment, but suitable for other posts, will there be internal recommendation and consideration?
A: Surely. We hope that all students should consider their own strong points and development direction. If you are interested in more than two posts, you can indicate your first and second intentions in your resume. From the angle of company, we will help to allocate those students to available posts if their qualities are suitable for other posts.

Q: Does Vats Liquor Store respond to applicants in time, for example, will Vats Liquor Store inform the applicants whether their results have passed?
A: All those who enter the interview phase will be notified of the results on time and in proper means.

Q: What is the salary scale in Vats Liquor Store?
A: Our idea on talents is to construct a first-class talents team and make our employees respectable. Our payment design can reflect our idea on talents. We will ensure that brilliant talents suitable for Vats Liquor Store will get competitive salaries.

Q: Is there possibility for an employee to transfer within Vats Liquor Store?
A: Surely. Employees are encouraged to develop in many aspects in Vats Liquor Store. The company will create conditions for our employees to choose different job contents to enhance their competitiveness when related requirements are met.